Friday, November 4, 2011

Just dreaming...

I should not go on Apartment Therapy too often...
Because you stumble across beauties like this and start dreaming away....................................





Thursday, November 3, 2011

Noa Maeve Harris.. her birth day

Now for round two...
This should all be alot fresher in my mind as it was almost a year ago that our second little female beauty joined the Harris team.

Chris and I had waited almost three years before having another baby as my first experience of birth and early parenting had been one amazing yet rough road, with me experiencing quite scary Post Natal Depression. It was a place that I never wanted to return to. EVER. And so the thought of it being a possibility scared me out of wanting another bubba too soon.

I prayed and prayed and in the end surrended those fears to Jesus who is good and in control. So on we went....

My pregnancy this time round was completely different. I had no panic attacks and I just dont think I had time to stress out as much with a two year old running around my ankles (Thankyou Jesus). I was seeing Jo again, who had delivered Inda and that immediate trust and connection with her also alleviated some prior stress. So despite having the noraml ailments of pregnancy it was pretty smooth sailing with only one little hiccup. At our 20 week scan, Noa was found to have cysts on her brain that were either developmental or deadly. We wouldn't find out until another scan at 32 weeks. So for those 12 weeks, we were quite worried about the prospects but were upheld by Jesus and given a great peace about the whole thing, despite the outcome. Thankfully, they were developmental and gone at the next scan!

Labour began at 5:30pm on the 3rd December. I was sitting on the lounge with Indie watching playschool when I had that familiar twang. Even though I had forgotten this feeling, when it came, I knew what it was. I calmly walked into Chris who was cooking dinner and said, "It's go time."
So, Chris scooped Inda up (who was a bit overwhelmed and confused) and drove her over to my parent's place. Whilst they were gone, I set up camp infront of the TV with all assortments of chocolate and lollies (to keep my energy levels up of course). I turned on Modern Family and thought I would be here for awhile.

After a couple of Modern Family episodes, the contractions were coming every 5 minutes and quite intense. I assumed that I had forgotten how hard this was as I felt like I was able to cope better in the early stages last time. So I tried all the different things you do like, try and get some rest (yeah right), sat in the bath for hours and tried to distract myself with the TV. At 3am I asked Chris to ring Jo to see what she thought I should do. However, the phone went to a midwife named Sue who I didnt know and she told me that because Indie was posterior this one probably was too and the labour could go on for another 24 hours. After I hung up the phone I burst into tears because i was just not coping. These contractions were intense!

{A quick side note here: Jo was paired up with another midwife, Ann Maree, who was the lady that would be there if Jo could not. During the course of pregnancy, I had had a couple of appointments with Ann Maree who I bonded with immediately and would have been thrilled with either midwife for the birth}

A little while later, Chris rang again as I was getting a bit distressed, and thankfully Ann Maree answered (as Jo was on days off)! It was amazing because my whole body relaxed when I discovered I would be talking to someone I knew and who knew me. I trusted both Ann Maree and Jo and so could talk to them honestly and openly. Ann Maree suggested we come in. So in we went!
Before leaving I had vomited and could not walk during contractions, which had happened at quite a late stage last time so I was a bit confused as to what was happening. When we arrived, I walked upstairs (sitting down a few times along the way) and made it to the birthing suite.

Like last time, I had wanted to try for a water birth, with no intervention unless needed. The difference this time was that I had no real expectations of myself. As long as this baby came out healthy and I was healthy, I was happy with that. If I needed pain relief I would have it. But only if I needed it (never say this to your midwife haha). I was a bit frazzled then when they took me into a room without a bath... eek now what?! Last time the bath had been my saving grace in getting so far without intervention.

Anyway, Ann Maree came in and checked how far along I was. Wait for it... 6cm! Last time I had not progressed beyond 4cm by myself after 24 hours of labour. This was the boost I needed. No wonder things seemed more intense.. they were!

Ann Maree said that bub was posterior again but as my waters hadn't broken  they were hoping she would turn by herself. And so I laboured away. One thing that was a stark contrast to last time was all about letting go.
Last time I was so afraid to make a noise and just let my body go and do what it should because I was a bit embarassed and scared. This time however, I let it all go. I moaned and screamed and it felt great! It really was awesome and helped me breathe through each contraction much more effectively. I didn't want Chris near me this time either. Last time he held my hand most of the time, this time I told him to sit on the chair and I just wanted to be by myself. I tried the shower but hated it and the pain in my back was getting worse (as it does with posterior babies).

Ann Maree had suggested during one of our appointments, about this new method to try and relieve back pain for posterior labours. It involved inserting water under the skin over the pressure points in the back and it was supposed to help relieve the back pain. At the time, i was like, 'oh yeah, cool' but when it was offerred to me in labour I decided to try it.
I should also mention at this point that Jo had arrived!! She said that she would only come in on her days off, if myself and another one of her girls went into labour. How great is that!? So I had the best of both worlds. Two amazing midwives getting me through this. Such an answer to prayer!

So Jo and Ann Maree tried these water bubbles on me to try and relieve the back pain. I remember them high fiving each other behind me (I was on all fours at this point... way better than your back!) when I told them it was helping. And it really was.

It was kind of getting to the point now of deciding whether to break my waters and get this thing really going. So Jo and Ann Maree went out to let the Doctor know that they were going to break my waters, I guess so he could be on stand by if need be. However, in the few minutes that they were gone, I had this enormous urge to push through one of the contractions (which I had never felt last time with the epidural) and my waters broke.. or I should say BURST!. Chris describes it as some one throwing a water balloon at my butt.. too much?

After that I just needed to keep pushing through each contraction (which never were less than 5 minutes apart) and in 17mins (this is what i was most proud of), her head was out, posterior and all! But it was not over yet. Her shoulders proceeded to get stuck and I just remember them both saying to me, "You need to turn over Sarah." I was like, "what the!?" I was on all fours and i had to get on my back. Anyway, somehow it happened and with a few different pullings and pushings, out she came.

Ahhhhhh she was out. They put her on my chest and she screamed (another answered prayer as Inda had not) and they put her on my chest and they didn't take her. She was gorgeous and the very first words out of mouth were, "she looks like my dad!" Which she does.

She was born at 8:12am Saturday 4th December 2010. She was 9lb or 4.09kg and healthy as can be. I breastfed her for ages and walked her back to my room.

It was such a different experience to my first time round and i am so thankful to God for his blessings.
In a months time Noa, will turn one. Praise God for this little bundle of energy.

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