Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Growing up

I took these photos of the little one the other day. I looked at them and could not believe how grown up she had suddenly become. It really does seem to happen overnight. And I think it really does.

Apologies for my lack of posting lately, to be honest with you, it is all to do with laziness combined with absolute exhaustion!

For the first year of being a 'mother of two,' I thought, "What do these women talk about? Two children is so not as hard as people make it out to be." And then Noa turned one and started walking. Suddenly she is on, under and in everything! Mornings have gone from quiet and routine to a chaotic frenzy with not one but two screaming children each wanting me to meet their needs NOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!

Sigh! So when they are both finally asleep in their beds, I flop onto the lounge, turn my head towards my husband to say hello for the first time today and there I remain until I can muster up the energy to roll into bed and close my eyes.