Saturday, December 24, 2011


Another year has passed and it is Christmas again already! Life is passing by so fast and it is moments like these that I am thankful for eternity.

- we ate homemade pizzas together
- had a puppet show renactment of the story of Jesus' birth starring Daddy as all characters and Mummy as narrator (reading the Bible)
- Cut up some carrot, apple and sprinkled reindeer food (oats and blue glitter) on the front lawn as per Inda's request.
- Hung the girls' stockings on their door ready to be filled with love and fun for tomorrow

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and take the time to think about the Christ in Christmas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Party On!

Well only just...
When we woke up on Sunday it was blue sky and zero cloud. We were definately having this party outside. After weeks of on and off rain, it was touch and go as to whether this party would end up outside or not. I really wanted it outside for many reasons but mainly for space issues. The backup was Mum and Dad's place but if it was raining it was going to be chaos with all the kids ingesting truckloads of sugar.

So at lunchtime, the clouds started to roll over and I was wavering in my decision to have the party at the park but on we went, confident that God had this covered. We arrived, and just as we started to set up, down came the rain.

Aghh! In a bit of a flap, my dear friend came and said, "Mum and Dad are happy for you to use the theatre if you want?" Yep thats right people. It just so happened that my friend's parents own Avoca Beach Picture Theatre which was just across the road from where we were. And so, in the pouring rain we had Noa's party in the beautiful grounds of a heritage listed theatre. God totally had this covered.

The kids ran around in the rain, squealing with delight whilst the adults hovered undercover chatting away.
Happy Birthday was sung, the cake devoured and lots of good convos enjoyed.


All in all I would say it was a success!
Happy Birthday Noa x

Noa turns ONE

It was our little Noa's first birthday on Sunday. Nanny and Big Pop stayed over and we enjoyed a special pancake breakfast in the morning before opening presents!

A beautiful doll by Warm Sugar

Noa was quite overwhelmed with all the poking and prodding and constant encouragement to open present after present. But thankfully she has a big sister who was most obliging in 'helping' to rip that paper open.

After going to church we headed to Nana and Pa's for cake before leaving Noa with Nana whilst Chris, Inda and I attended our first American Thanksgiving!
So our little one had quite a busy and rushed day. I felt a bit guilty about how rushed it had been instead of spending the day just enjoying her. December seems to be so busy!

Noa's new little lion friend, Monty (by MillieFern)

Her party is next weekend so hopefully the day will be spent doting on our little Noa Maeve.
Maeve meaning 'source of great joy.' She has totally lived up to her name.
Our prayer for Noa is that she will grow to know the truth of Jesus in her own life and genuinely share a personal relationship with him, seeking to serve him with her life.
We love you little Noe xxx

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just dreaming...

I should not go on Apartment Therapy too often...
Because you stumble across beauties like this and start dreaming away....................................





Thursday, November 3, 2011

Noa Maeve Harris.. her birth day

Now for round two...
This should all be alot fresher in my mind as it was almost a year ago that our second little female beauty joined the Harris team.

Chris and I had waited almost three years before having another baby as my first experience of birth and early parenting had been one amazing yet rough road, with me experiencing quite scary Post Natal Depression. It was a place that I never wanted to return to. EVER. And so the thought of it being a possibility scared me out of wanting another bubba too soon.

I prayed and prayed and in the end surrended those fears to Jesus who is good and in control. So on we went....

My pregnancy this time round was completely different. I had no panic attacks and I just dont think I had time to stress out as much with a two year old running around my ankles (Thankyou Jesus). I was seeing Jo again, who had delivered Inda and that immediate trust and connection with her also alleviated some prior stress. So despite having the noraml ailments of pregnancy it was pretty smooth sailing with only one little hiccup. At our 20 week scan, Noa was found to have cysts on her brain that were either developmental or deadly. We wouldn't find out until another scan at 32 weeks. So for those 12 weeks, we were quite worried about the prospects but were upheld by Jesus and given a great peace about the whole thing, despite the outcome. Thankfully, they were developmental and gone at the next scan!

Labour began at 5:30pm on the 3rd December. I was sitting on the lounge with Indie watching playschool when I had that familiar twang. Even though I had forgotten this feeling, when it came, I knew what it was. I calmly walked into Chris who was cooking dinner and said, "It's go time."
So, Chris scooped Inda up (who was a bit overwhelmed and confused) and drove her over to my parent's place. Whilst they were gone, I set up camp infront of the TV with all assortments of chocolate and lollies (to keep my energy levels up of course). I turned on Modern Family and thought I would be here for awhile.

After a couple of Modern Family episodes, the contractions were coming every 5 minutes and quite intense. I assumed that I had forgotten how hard this was as I felt like I was able to cope better in the early stages last time. So I tried all the different things you do like, try and get some rest (yeah right), sat in the bath for hours and tried to distract myself with the TV. At 3am I asked Chris to ring Jo to see what she thought I should do. However, the phone went to a midwife named Sue who I didnt know and she told me that because Indie was posterior this one probably was too and the labour could go on for another 24 hours. After I hung up the phone I burst into tears because i was just not coping. These contractions were intense!

{A quick side note here: Jo was paired up with another midwife, Ann Maree, who was the lady that would be there if Jo could not. During the course of pregnancy, I had had a couple of appointments with Ann Maree who I bonded with immediately and would have been thrilled with either midwife for the birth}

A little while later, Chris rang again as I was getting a bit distressed, and thankfully Ann Maree answered (as Jo was on days off)! It was amazing because my whole body relaxed when I discovered I would be talking to someone I knew and who knew me. I trusted both Ann Maree and Jo and so could talk to them honestly and openly. Ann Maree suggested we come in. So in we went!
Before leaving I had vomited and could not walk during contractions, which had happened at quite a late stage last time so I was a bit confused as to what was happening. When we arrived, I walked upstairs (sitting down a few times along the way) and made it to the birthing suite.

Like last time, I had wanted to try for a water birth, with no intervention unless needed. The difference this time was that I had no real expectations of myself. As long as this baby came out healthy and I was healthy, I was happy with that. If I needed pain relief I would have it. But only if I needed it (never say this to your midwife haha). I was a bit frazzled then when they took me into a room without a bath... eek now what?! Last time the bath had been my saving grace in getting so far without intervention.

Anyway, Ann Maree came in and checked how far along I was. Wait for it... 6cm! Last time I had not progressed beyond 4cm by myself after 24 hours of labour. This was the boost I needed. No wonder things seemed more intense.. they were!

Ann Maree said that bub was posterior again but as my waters hadn't broken  they were hoping she would turn by herself. And so I laboured away. One thing that was a stark contrast to last time was all about letting go.
Last time I was so afraid to make a noise and just let my body go and do what it should because I was a bit embarassed and scared. This time however, I let it all go. I moaned and screamed and it felt great! It really was awesome and helped me breathe through each contraction much more effectively. I didn't want Chris near me this time either. Last time he held my hand most of the time, this time I told him to sit on the chair and I just wanted to be by myself. I tried the shower but hated it and the pain in my back was getting worse (as it does with posterior babies).

Ann Maree had suggested during one of our appointments, about this new method to try and relieve back pain for posterior labours. It involved inserting water under the skin over the pressure points in the back and it was supposed to help relieve the back pain. At the time, i was like, 'oh yeah, cool' but when it was offerred to me in labour I decided to try it.
I should also mention at this point that Jo had arrived!! She said that she would only come in on her days off, if myself and another one of her girls went into labour. How great is that!? So I had the best of both worlds. Two amazing midwives getting me through this. Such an answer to prayer!

So Jo and Ann Maree tried these water bubbles on me to try and relieve the back pain. I remember them high fiving each other behind me (I was on all fours at this point... way better than your back!) when I told them it was helping. And it really was.

It was kind of getting to the point now of deciding whether to break my waters and get this thing really going. So Jo and Ann Maree went out to let the Doctor know that they were going to break my waters, I guess so he could be on stand by if need be. However, in the few minutes that they were gone, I had this enormous urge to push through one of the contractions (which I had never felt last time with the epidural) and my waters broke.. or I should say BURST!. Chris describes it as some one throwing a water balloon at my butt.. too much?

After that I just needed to keep pushing through each contraction (which never were less than 5 minutes apart) and in 17mins (this is what i was most proud of), her head was out, posterior and all! But it was not over yet. Her shoulders proceeded to get stuck and I just remember them both saying to me, "You need to turn over Sarah." I was like, "what the!?" I was on all fours and i had to get on my back. Anyway, somehow it happened and with a few different pullings and pushings, out she came.

Ahhhhhh she was out. They put her on my chest and she screamed (another answered prayer as Inda had not) and they put her on my chest and they didn't take her. She was gorgeous and the very first words out of mouth were, "she looks like my dad!" Which she does.

She was born at 8:12am Saturday 4th December 2010. She was 9lb or 4.09kg and healthy as can be. I breastfed her for ages and walked her back to my room.

It was such a different experience to my first time round and i am so thankful to God for his blessings.
In a months time Noa, will turn one. Praise God for this little bundle of energy.

Heidi Walks are the bomb!

My little Noa hates shoes... they all come off after about three seconds and it drives me up the wall. I had all but given up until I spied these beautiful handmade shoes here which as well as being absolutely delightful, came with the promise of staying on... and they do! (most of the time).
I would suggest you get your hands on some Heidi walks asap and to start you off why dont you check out em's awesome giveaway!

Have fun....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Zoodie giveaway

Head on over to my ultimate blog crush of late... Rubyellen of cakies is holding a giveaway for these beautiful zoodies. These gorgeous hoodies will not only keep your little one warm but turn them into the animal of their choice. From this beautifiul black kitty to a mean looking shark, your little one will love to "dress up" in these adorable zoodies.

soulie and her zoodie
Get into it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inda Grace Harris... her birth day

It has dawned on me that I have not really written down the birth story of either of my girls. I feel it is such an amazing time in one's life but so quickly forgotten once parenthood hits full swing. So... I have decided to write them down in this space to keep them for us as a family to look back on in years to come.

I did come across an email that I had sent to my antenatal group, a few days after Inda had been born, which will definately help me with details as it was three and a half years ago now! (My how time flies).

Before starting I will give you some context and background. After some thought and reading, Chris and I had decided on a water birth with no intervention for our first birth. Now, after having had two babies, I feel like this was a very brave decision, as I really had no idea what I was getting into. I knew my two sister in laws had 3 babies between them at the time and both of them had delivered naturally. So, with that as my only influence (being the first in my peer group to start the baby train), I got my mind into gear and began Calm Birthing classes and seeing only one midwife for the duration of the pregnancy. This midwife, Jo, would turn out to be one of the most amazing women I have met in my life and one who has become a dear friend of our family and whom I respect highly, so much so that she also delivered our little Noa. Brilliant woman.

So anyway, pregnancy for me was quite stressful and my anxiety levels reached a new high, aka panic attacks. Although, I would say that I did not understand it as that at the time, it was quite frightening and as a result would impact my birthing immensely.

At 1am Wed 12th March, I got my first contraction. For a first time mum, this is something you are so unsure about... "was that it? Is this what I am waiting for?" I was lying in bed and whatever it was, it woke me up. I lay there waiting to see if it happened again and about 10mins later I felt it. Instead of waking Chris up for what could be nothing, I got up and watched some Gilmore Girls episodes until I was sure this was happening. At this early stage they were 5 minutes apart and quite intense for early labour, considering that some people don't even realise they are in early labour.

After a night of no sleep and constant contractions that were getting stronger, I was sure things were progressing. So at 7:30am we went into birthing suite. Jo had been on all night and so was at home sleeping, but another midwife, Sue was there who examined me and told me that I was only 1cm dilated! What! All that effort for one measley centimetre! I was worried about what was to come.
We went home and laboured there and were told to come back in when things intensified. So I spent the entire day perched on the edge of our lounge in the only position I could get comfortable in. Any time I moved from that position, I lost all focus and concentration and the pain was much more intense.. so there I stayed. My mum and sister popped by which was hard because I couldn't really relax with them watching, so needless to say they didn't stay very long.

Twelve hours later the contractions were still 4-5 minutely but much more intense, so we went back in and upon assessment, was 4cm dilated, which I was happy with. The next eight hours were spent in the birthing suite bath, which is where I intended to birth this little girl. It was great. I felt fearful but not out of control.

As the contractions increased in intensity, with no time in between, I was sure this was transistion (the crazy intense part before you are fully dilated and ready to push).

{I have to add a little sidetrack here as I clearly remember at this point, a woman in the room next to me absolutely screaming like she was being tortured. I had not reached that point yet and completely freaked out. I was sobbing and telling Chris that there was no way I could do that and I wanted to go home!}

Back to labour... Jo got me out of the bath to check how far I had progressed and to my devastation I was still 4cm. I was gutted and completely started to unravel at this point. Once I was out of the bath, I realised the great pain relief the water had been providing and I just lost it. I could not get comfortable and was asking poor bewildered Chris to, "please help me!" (haha poor guy). It was decided that my waters would be broken and it was here that Jo suggested an epidural. They had discovered on ultrasound that Indie was actually posterior and thus things were progressing very slowly and I was having crazy back pain.

I was honestly unphased at this point with the epidural as it had been going on for so long and I was exhausted. Jo knew I didnt want it but thought it would be the best option given how much I was freaking out and how long labour had been going without progress. So I had the gas followed by the epidural. The gas really sent me into another dimension and I honestly don't remember much after that except leaping off the bed with the need to sit in the chair across from me as the anaesthestist was inserting the epidural needle into my back. In my mind that chair would solve all my issues and get rid of the pain... yeah gas is awesome haha. Chris tells me afterwards that I was waving my arms around in the air and saying "Woahhh." I don't remember any of that.

The next thing I knew I was blissed out on the bed and asking Chris why it had taken me so long to get the epidural? Chris started frantically flipping through, 'What to expect when your expecting' to find the parts on epidurals and what to expect. Hilarious.
Jo propped me into the most comfortable position and suggested I get some sleep whilst the epidural worked it's magic of relaxing me and hopefully allowing bub to turn the right way around. However, in true Inda style, she was waiting for no one and within minutes, I felt this enormous pressure in my bottom that literally lifted me off the bed. I told Jo and she commented, "yes that is the baby Sarah. It will be there until she is born." But I guess I complained enough and she came to check what was going on. To her complete surprise I was already 10cms and ready to push.

I felt a sense of relief at this point as I saw it as the home stretch. This was it, I was about to meet our baby girl who we had been wondering about for 9 long months. It was a very surreal moment. The next one and a half hours was such hard work! Pushing was really hard, especially becuase I could feel nothing and had no urge to push. Jo was telling me when to push when I felt the pressure in my butt. I screamed, I swore (and apologised) and I said I couldn't do it, but eventually out came this head full of dark hair.

{At this point there was a room full of doctors. Doctors for me and doctors for Inda, as her heart rate had dropped to 70bpm and I had to be given an episiotomy to get her out. So as soon as her head had emerged the doctor said to Jo, "the cord is wrapped around her neck twice." I flipped and started shouting at the doctor to get it off, to which he replied he couldn't because it was too tight. He had to wait until the next contraction and I could push her out. Some kind of motherly something came over me and I was not waiting for another contraction. I just pushed as hard as I could to get her outta there and low and behold out she came! Thankyou Jesus!}

I remember Jo telling them to put her on my chest as they tried to give her straight to the paediatric team. I was so thankful because for those brief minutes I looked right into her big beautiful almond shaped eyes and exclaimed, 'she is beautiful!' I held an oxygen mask over her face for those few minutes before they swept her away to be taken to special care nursery. Although I didn't notice at the time, she had not cried at this point.

Inda was not breathing well as she had taken alot of fluid on her lungs when coming out and it was not until they suctioned out the crap that she started screaming. They then took her out of the room and I remained to be stitched back together. Chris was feeling quite overwhelmed at this point and started to feel really faint and panicky. He turned an awful shade of white and asked to sit down. A kind nurse took him outside, sat him down and gave him an OJ. My poor man. It was pretty traumatic.

So after 28 hours of labour, it ended with the three of us in separate rooms and not at all how i had imagined it. However, the incredible relief of it being over and the unspeakable joy of becoming a mum to a beautiful little girl was still there and it was awesome.

Three years later and here she is. Who would have thought this little bundle of personality was wrapped up in that baby, so tiny and helpless. God is truly amazing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Milliefern beauties

Can you believe this kid is nearly a whole year old? It seems like only yesterday, I was in the labour room pushing this little beauty out of my body (too much?)

Anywho, for her birthday, I have been searching for a cute lion soft toy as she has a great love for all things, "raaaaahhh" and soft at the moment. So I got on etsy (normally not a good idea for materialistic addiction purposes) and stumbled across Millie Fern.

Check these little beauties out...

It was a toss up between that beautiful caramel coloured bunny and the lion. Of course I chose the lion. I hope Noa loves him as much as I do.


The Jacksons were a sad tale of the social elite. Old Man Jackson was a high flying business man who lived the wealthy life, associating with noteables and bossing around anyone else who didnt come under that title. He was known around town for his big mouth and big arse, from days of indulging in life at the expense of others. Unfortunately, his big mouth, whilst making him a great business man was also his greatest downfall. Combining this with his lack of formal business education, it aint suprising then that he got screwed and went under in the worst fashion when me mum was about two. A family of nobility reduced to servant status. This affected Old Man Jackson in such a deep and secret way for many years. With a wife and six children to feed and clothe, of whom me mum was the youngest, there was no other option than to become a servant family for the wealthy of London. Their story is well known and still circulates today. They were a disgrace to their family and friends. Life suddenly became very hard.
They lived in the servant quarters of a retired bank man and his family for many years. Me mum tells me that although times were hard, working sixteen hour days, seven days a week, these were the happiest memories of her growin' up years.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Holiday by the seaside

Our family has just returned from a brief camping sojourn to a beautiful spot up the coast. Meeting up with some new friends and old, word had it that the weather was bad. But, upon arrival, God cleared up the rain and we had great weather! Maybe even too good. Combine the first good weather in weeks with holiday mode parents and the result is a sunburnt three year old. Eek.

Surf was good, company great and food exceptional. Besides being sleep deprived from a not so happy little camper, we returned feeling sunkissed and relaxed (sigh).

What do you like to do on holidays?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Our little Miss Noa is on the crawl and with her new found love of freedom has come Inda's frustration. Anything Inda has, Noa now wants. I think it is gorgeous, Inda has a different opinion....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My daughter is a hoarder

You could call it collecting but this is something else... this my friends is more like hoarding.

Every nook, cranny and shelf in her room is filled with trinkets, tit bits and well... rubbish... to me. But to her it is all her "special things." Whilst at times it drives me up the wall, there is something lovely about seeing her have her own style and place for things, without me telling her where to put it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beetle Shack

So my friend, Em has this blog that is a must to check out. I am sure you have already heard of it but it is called the Beetle Shack, a place from where Em shares her life and her loves. She recently had a photo shoot with Tim Coulson... (jealous x). Check it out. And by the way she is super attractive and her kidlets are oh so cute... just warning you.

Told ya. Gotta get me one of those bows x

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We seemed to walk on and on, her swift steps slowing to a trudge like drag. "It's ok little one, won't be long now," she whispered softly. As the sun began to fade and twilight lit the sparse expanse, my insides were burning with hunger and I decided to tell her so. I began to wail as desperately as my malnourished frame would allow and suddenly my soft resting place began jolting and knocking, turning from a safe place into a frantic and dangerous one. "Shhh," she pleaded as she jostled me up and down. "Please shhh."
Suddenly she stopped and I was pulled forcefully out into the cold, wet air. Putting me into a dark corner, inside an old wooden shed that smelt of animal waste, she covered me with a mound of dry hay and ran outside locking the door behind her.
They say me mum was not someone born of noble wealth, infact she was born into one of the poorest families in all of England. Her life began not unlike mine, the big difference was she was recognised as part of a family but one that did not really recognise her.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Matthew

On Monday night a dear friend gave birth to her little boy. Matthew Obadiah was born at a mere 1.5kg and died shortly after he was born. A precious soul now safe in the arms of his Saviour. Whilst there is such sadness at the loss of a life so early and an incredibly deep ache of a mother's heart who so desperately longs to smell, hold, touch and feel her child, there is also a strong hope and joy that Jesus has defeated death. He will make this right when he returns. And a thankfulness that Matthew never has to deal with this sad and broken world and is instead carried straight to perfection and safety.

"You give and take away. You give and take away. My heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name."

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Big Cooper Bear

There is a fifth member of our family that I fail to mention as often as the rest and that is our five year old Golden Retriever named, Cooper Phantom Harris. Before there were the girls, Cooper was our baby. However, since the arrival of children, his walks have become less often and attention has dwindled. Despite these blows, Cooper remains a beautifully loyal companion to us and now to the girls.

These days he is often found playing the part of 'The Big Bad Wolf,' 'The Bear,' 'The Lion' and other such roles. He is also a great cushion and playmate.

This post was, however, supposed to highlight the difference between my girls and their different reactions to Cooper.

You see, first there was Indie, who was happy to watch him from behind the screen door but as soon as he was close, she would cry and never attempt to pat him. This changed around the time she was 18months when she could walk around and had grown in bravery. But even now, at three, Inda will still on occasion ask for Cooper to be put in the laundry whilst she plays outside, or cry because she is 'scared' of Cooper.

Noa, on the other hand  is Little Miss Fearless and flails her arms wildly everytime Cooper is insight. As soon as Cooper is within arms reach, she will grab a fist full of fur and tug. I have not let her completely go for it as I am unsure how he would react if she pulled hard enough, but she gets so cross if I guide her hand towards him. She looks like she just wants to give him a great big cuddle.

I think these two will be great mates, if Cooper can cope...