Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Village

It saddens me that the society in which we live has somewhat done away with the concept of it, "taking a village to raise a child." Instead we have turned inwards to become quite self-centered individuals flying life solo and doing whatever it takes to become "happy."
I have been reflecting on this for the last week and appreciating more and more the many people who play a defining role in my girl's lives. From my family and Chris' family to our church family and many others whom will become role models (good or bad) in their lives. I am so thankful for the great big family we are part of in Christ and for the love and acceptance shown to our little family in amongst that.
My mum and dad are also amazing people who have a great gift for loving people without judgement. This can be seen on any one day when our house will be bustling with my three younger siblings, the neighbourhood kids, friends' kids (whose parents needed a break) and our little two all running around the safe little haven that is my parent's home. Whilst a tad crazy, I thoroughly enjoy seeing Inda being swept up into whatever game is going on and having a brilliant time. She is accepted and loved and I cherish that and look forward to Noa being swept up into the same craziness.

So, after all that, my conclusion is, that it really does take a village to raise a child and I am very thankful for my very chaotic but comfortable village.

Everyone minus my mum who is ironically taking the picture.

My beautiful mama with Noa

Our weekend

This weekend was made up of lots of playing, watching daddy play soccer, dinner with friends, gathering with our church family and to top it off a hospital visit with the little one.

Watching Daddy play soccer is cold and hungry work.

My Little Pony and Daddy, the best combo.

What i woke up to on Saturday morning...

Inda the shopkeeper

How was yours?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Op Shop Score

On my op shop travels this week I happened to stumble across this little beauty. I walked through the doors of my local salvos, my mind thinking about how to quickly skim for treasures with two youngin's in tow, and there before me sat this beautiful vintage cradle. A bit pricy for an op shop trip but just spectactular. I love op shop scores!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A clean slate

So yesterday I started my little one, Noa, on her first taste of "solid" food. Deciding on pumpkin as my first vegetable of choice, I was wraught with emotion as I contemplated the last six months and how they had literally flown by. Where had my little scrawny newborn gone? I look at her now and she is round and bright eyed and just a beautiful soul, such a sweetheart.
It is an amazing responsibility as a parent, to give and to teach your children about healthy food choices. For them to understand what food is for and what different foods give or take away from their body and its ability to function is super important and second time round this excites me! With Inda, it was all so very new and a little bit frightening.

So, how did she enjoy this first taste of real food? I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favourite season

The warm sun, crisp air and clean skies make for beautiful days basking in the sunlight.

No other season compares to Autumn.

Love it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Big One.

Before I turned the light off last night, I had been reading one of the many "parenting" books that reside next to my bed. It had mentioned the phrase, 'knowing the uniqueness of your child.' This phrase bothered me because I realised I had no idea how to express with succint words, the definate uniqueness of my eldest beauty. Definate uniqueness was assumed between hubby and I. Infact it takes up most of our dialogue discussing this very fact but how to say what it is.. ummmm.

So, 3am rolled by and after a brief nap next to this beauty's bed due to her regular wake up call, I crawled back into bed and was wide awake with this phrase echoing in my brain. I feel like I need to get this out. So here we go. A true rambling...

...passionate. determined. a truly genuine lover of others. perceptive. a combination of gentleness mixed with fire. raw creativity. a wild imagination. a lovely heart. inquisitive mind. understanding beyond her years. a lover of books. craves quality time. a desire to please. loyal. hilarious with a streak of class clown around those she feels safe. a nurturer. a thinker and a definate talker!

A unique beauty indeed.

Thankyou Heavenly Father for this incredible little wonder.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

simply ten good things

Inspired by soulemama , I sifted through some old and new to find these...

Rusty Go-Karts and New Friends

This weekend our little family travelled through the windy and pristine Galston Gorge to the smell of wood fires and clean air that embrace the small town of Glenorie, where we celebrated a treasured friend's 40th birthday.

It was wet and the ground was sodden yet it did not stop the dads and kids having a kick around with the flat soccer ball and 16 year old Border Collie, Ash.

It was great to catch up with friends with whom these times are few and far between and yet... at the same time, the conversation flows like time has never passed. One of the precious moments of the day was to watch Inda make friends with one of these friend's own little boy.

The friendship emerged over a joint imagination and a rusty old go-kart. Oh to be a child again...