Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beetle Shack

So my friend, Em has this blog that is a must to check out. I am sure you have already heard of it but it is called the Beetle Shack, a place from where Em shares her life and her loves. She recently had a photo shoot with Tim Coulson... (jealous x). Check it out. And by the way she is super attractive and her kidlets are oh so cute... just warning you.

Told ya. Gotta get me one of those bows x

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We seemed to walk on and on, her swift steps slowing to a trudge like drag. "It's ok little one, won't be long now," she whispered softly. As the sun began to fade and twilight lit the sparse expanse, my insides were burning with hunger and I decided to tell her so. I began to wail as desperately as my malnourished frame would allow and suddenly my soft resting place began jolting and knocking, turning from a safe place into a frantic and dangerous one. "Shhh," she pleaded as she jostled me up and down. "Please shhh."
Suddenly she stopped and I was pulled forcefully out into the cold, wet air. Putting me into a dark corner, inside an old wooden shed that smelt of animal waste, she covered me with a mound of dry hay and ran outside locking the door behind her.
They say me mum was not someone born of noble wealth, infact she was born into one of the poorest families in all of England. Her life began not unlike mine, the big difference was she was recognised as part of a family but one that did not really recognise her.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Matthew

On Monday night a dear friend gave birth to her little boy. Matthew Obadiah was born at a mere 1.5kg and died shortly after he was born. A precious soul now safe in the arms of his Saviour. Whilst there is such sadness at the loss of a life so early and an incredibly deep ache of a mother's heart who so desperately longs to smell, hold, touch and feel her child, there is also a strong hope and joy that Jesus has defeated death. He will make this right when he returns. And a thankfulness that Matthew never has to deal with this sad and broken world and is instead carried straight to perfection and safety.

"You give and take away. You give and take away. My heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name."

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Big Cooper Bear

There is a fifth member of our family that I fail to mention as often as the rest and that is our five year old Golden Retriever named, Cooper Phantom Harris. Before there were the girls, Cooper was our baby. However, since the arrival of children, his walks have become less often and attention has dwindled. Despite these blows, Cooper remains a beautifully loyal companion to us and now to the girls.

These days he is often found playing the part of 'The Big Bad Wolf,' 'The Bear,' 'The Lion' and other such roles. He is also a great cushion and playmate.

This post was, however, supposed to highlight the difference between my girls and their different reactions to Cooper.

You see, first there was Indie, who was happy to watch him from behind the screen door but as soon as he was close, she would cry and never attempt to pat him. This changed around the time she was 18months when she could walk around and had grown in bravery. But even now, at three, Inda will still on occasion ask for Cooper to be put in the laundry whilst she plays outside, or cry because she is 'scared' of Cooper.

Noa, on the other hand  is Little Miss Fearless and flails her arms wildly everytime Cooper is insight. As soon as Cooper is within arms reach, she will grab a fist full of fur and tug. I have not let her completely go for it as I am unsure how he would react if she pulled hard enough, but she gets so cross if I guide her hand towards him. She looks like she just wants to give him a great big cuddle.

I think these two will be great mates, if Cooper can cope...