Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pray for Kate

Probably the most painful journey in the human experience is that of loss. Particularly the loss of a loved one. For about a year now I have been following the incredible journey of little Kate Macrae who suffers from a rare paediatric brain tumour. She is now five years old and her family have been told that even after extensive treatment, the tumour is back and the outlook, not positive.
My heart aches for this family as her mother writes about Kate's experience of her illness. Her discussion of heaven and what will happen rips my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I pray that I will never have to have these conversations with my own.
Whilst the outlook is grim, we have a great God who wants our good and I will trust and pray for this precious soul all the days of her life. Why don't you join me?

Monday, March 7, 2011


They say my story began back about 16 years ago. It was a Thursday like any other I guess except for the fact bein’ that I was born into the world. I don’t know my mother. Don’t know my father either so being born into this world is a bit of a strange idea. Who borned me? I'm not sure and I'm not sure I really care. The Lord knew me. He made me and I guess that’s good enough for me.
My life began under the canopy of a an old discarded fishing boat up the coast a fair bit, around the place the rock sticks right out over the ocean. Further than any other rock they say. Its legendary, apparently you can’t miss it. That was the first impression of the world on my tiny forming mind. I guess you could say I was abandoned. You could say no one wanted me and I was left to die. No mother, no father and no name. I guess you could say I entered this world unnoticed. But to me that old discarded fishing boat provided a refuge, a safe canopy from the outside world. Maybe it was like an extended womb. Maybe God knew I wasn’t ready for the world and was happy to keep me safe under the frailty of the sea rotted wood. Who knows really?
It was a bit of a strange beginning and the start of a life a bit different. They say I must have been under that boat for about a week before I became noticed by the world. After a week of no food, no clothes and no name I was stumbled upon by her. Young and fair with the burden of an old war veteran weighing on her shoulders., she was running from a life she could no longer put up with.
I guess I was making some kind of a racket for her to have found me. She was said to be walking the plank. What they mean by that is that she was walking the rock out into the ocean with the intent of giving herself to the sea. Like I said she was running from a life she could no longer put up with. But it was also a life she could not escape easily or even at all. In her mind this was the escape.
Barefooted she ran to the edge of the rock with her eyes hidden by the smeary dark remains of a girl pretending to be a woman. As she stood panting, staring out at the vast blue before her, she heard me, my lungs pushing out all the air they had, in order to get someone’s attention. Slowly she turned her head around and walked cautiously towards my boat. After a few minutes she knelt down on the harsh ground and peered with wonder under the canopy. That was the first time our eyes met.


Tell me a tale mum. Tell me a tale.
Of faraway lands with pixies and bluebells
Take me through secret doors and trails
To a place of many colours and soothing smells.

Till i close my eyes in sleep
And float along the ocean deep
For i can dream almost anything
If you first give me my starting wings

Created Worship

Oh Lord how long? Oh Lord how long, how long will it take for me to understand?
Life is but a momentary bubble...Little children chase after them yet they are gone before they can reach them. Popped by the delicate grass or the gentle blow of the wind they cannot withstand time but for a moment.
I too chase and chase. I chase after what i know is too fast for me to catch.
I drink and drink. I drink after what i know will never fill.
We should not be surprised. Were we made to love what was created instead of its creator?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Polly. A Sarah Harris Original

So here is my first attempt. After much discussion with my three year old daughter, her name will be Polly. She is made from tea dyed muslin and stuffed with organic corn fibre. She has a pink dress and purple hair as per request.

I am now preparing to make doll number two for my other little girl, Noa. I think this time though, her legs and arms will be thicker and the whole doll stuffed fuller. It was fun though and i highly recommend it. It is a proud moment when something you have made is lovingly accepted by someone you adore.