Saturday, December 24, 2011


Another year has passed and it is Christmas again already! Life is passing by so fast and it is moments like these that I am thankful for eternity.

- we ate homemade pizzas together
- had a puppet show renactment of the story of Jesus' birth starring Daddy as all characters and Mummy as narrator (reading the Bible)
- Cut up some carrot, apple and sprinkled reindeer food (oats and blue glitter) on the front lawn as per Inda's request.
- Hung the girls' stockings on their door ready to be filled with love and fun for tomorrow

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and take the time to think about the Christ in Christmas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Party On!

Well only just...
When we woke up on Sunday it was blue sky and zero cloud. We were definately having this party outside. After weeks of on and off rain, it was touch and go as to whether this party would end up outside or not. I really wanted it outside for many reasons but mainly for space issues. The backup was Mum and Dad's place but if it was raining it was going to be chaos with all the kids ingesting truckloads of sugar.

So at lunchtime, the clouds started to roll over and I was wavering in my decision to have the party at the park but on we went, confident that God had this covered. We arrived, and just as we started to set up, down came the rain.

Aghh! In a bit of a flap, my dear friend came and said, "Mum and Dad are happy for you to use the theatre if you want?" Yep thats right people. It just so happened that my friend's parents own Avoca Beach Picture Theatre which was just across the road from where we were. And so, in the pouring rain we had Noa's party in the beautiful grounds of a heritage listed theatre. God totally had this covered.

The kids ran around in the rain, squealing with delight whilst the adults hovered undercover chatting away.
Happy Birthday was sung, the cake devoured and lots of good convos enjoyed.


All in all I would say it was a success!
Happy Birthday Noa x

Noa turns ONE

It was our little Noa's first birthday on Sunday. Nanny and Big Pop stayed over and we enjoyed a special pancake breakfast in the morning before opening presents!

A beautiful doll by Warm Sugar

Noa was quite overwhelmed with all the poking and prodding and constant encouragement to open present after present. But thankfully she has a big sister who was most obliging in 'helping' to rip that paper open.

After going to church we headed to Nana and Pa's for cake before leaving Noa with Nana whilst Chris, Inda and I attended our first American Thanksgiving!
So our little one had quite a busy and rushed day. I felt a bit guilty about how rushed it had been instead of spending the day just enjoying her. December seems to be so busy!

Noa's new little lion friend, Monty (by MillieFern)

Her party is next weekend so hopefully the day will be spent doting on our little Noa Maeve.
Maeve meaning 'source of great joy.' She has totally lived up to her name.
Our prayer for Noa is that she will grow to know the truth of Jesus in her own life and genuinely share a personal relationship with him, seeking to serve him with her life.
We love you little Noe xxx