Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A local... well almost

It has been a different kind of holiday for us. Staying put in the one place for a few weeks and really exploring all the area has to offer, has been quite lovely. It means that you can get in the car and duck down to the local shops, do a daily surf check, drive to playgroup and church and settle into some semblance of a routine. I have liked it and yet other days I have yearned for the familiar feel of home.
It is also different to do holidays when everyone else is not. It means you get the local school kids rocking up on your doorstep with an old doorbell asking if you are interested in purchasing some of their goods? It means less crowds, more space and only the locals around giving you a nod and a wave as you pass by. It is a different kind of holiday and I like it.

Our days have been spent exploring, mixed with some normal routine. As I mentioned before, I have been joining in with my friend Ren's playgroup at Keiraville, having dinners with friends and attending church in Wollongong each week.
Our exploring has immersed us in the amazing natural beauty the South Coast has to offer. I am never bored of looking out my window, inhaling the fresh country air and seeing cows (and MORE cows), with the occasional horse and sheep thrown in. There is open space everywhere, with old stone walls lining the road and spectacular views aplenty.

Our favourite of the local towns is Berry. A quaint picturesque town with exquisite bakeries, set amongst the hills of the Kangaroo Valley. It is here you will find the famous Donut Van, Sourdough Bakery and Berry Bakery. Every time we drive home I think, "I could live here."

One of the highlights this week has been our adventure to Jervis Bay, namely Green Patch, set inside the Booderee National Park. Whilst walking down the path to a picnic table to eat our lunch, we were greeted with two very friendly kangaroos. Inda and I were both unsure and hesitated, turning quickly back to Noa and Chris who were a way behind us. Inda, probably taking her 'brave' mother's lead declared she "hated this day and wanted to go home" and was quite frightened of the Australian icon. However, after we sat down (the girls atop the table), the younger kangaroo came creeping forward and stretched it's long neck up to our table to see what goodies we might be willing to donate. Meanwhile, the mother kangaroo kept her distance and a watchful eye on her young one. We had become friends and so, keeping in line with the rules written on our table, the kangaroos went away empty handed.

We were already so impressed with our lunch expereience; kangaroos, magpies and king parrots, that it became an unbelievable day when we walked down to the beach. Greeted by the the pure white sand and clear blue sea, we were sure we had arrived in a different land. Our own deserted island to explore... fabulous. The girls frolicked in the water, running back and forth, chasing and laughing whilst Chris and I just sat. What a great day.

The last two days have been spent taking in the scenery via the Kiama Coast Walk and the Minnamurra Rainforest. Both spectacular and both very different views. Inda has been a fabulous walker and a real trooper. Noa, having been unwell for the past few days has been a bit less tolerant of our adventures but a trooper nontheless.

We have a week left in Gerringong before embarking further south and plan to enjoy and take in this beautiful part of our country and indeed, the world.


  1. wow! looks amazing and sounds like a perfect kind of Holiday! xoxox

  2. so beautiful sar - stoked for you four! xx