Saturday, September 1, 2012


Catching up with friends and family has been a great part of this holiday. And another catch up with a dear old school friend, Bec, took us on a detour to Tura Beach before we continued on to Mallacoota. It was great to catch up with Bec and to see her beautiful house and property. Talking about old times and updating each other on time lost, we were fed a great lunch, sent with leftovers and given some of that great ol’ country hospitality which I was challenged to take back home with me to the Coast. Inda and Noa loved Bec’s property and displayed their personalities very clearly. Inda spent the entire time following Bec around asking her question upon question... upon question. Questions about her horses, her dogs, her house, her property, the food and her family. You name it, she asked it. Noa on the other hand, squealed with excitement the entire time, chasing the dogs, pointing at the horses and running everywhere in the big open space. Noa had to be restrained after while because the dogs had had enough.

It was late afternoon when we eventually crossed the border into Victoria and arrived at our small town of Mallacoota. A decent drive off the beaten track, we eventually ambled our way into our accommodation, where we were met by more than a dozen kangaroos quietly grazing on the grass next to our cabin. The caravan park was owned and run by a family with an eight year old daughter with whom Inda paired up with and who introduced us to the park’s ‘pet’ kookaburra who was happy to have a pat. The family also owned a beautiful dog named Rex, who reminded us alot of our Cooper . He sat outside our door all day and was more than happy for a cuddle from Noa.

Mallacoota is one of our shortest stays of the trip and so we only had one day to enjoy this isolated beauty. We were able to drive around the entire town in an hour and then decided on a beach called Bastion Point to unload our stuff and settle in for the day. Thankfully we were already at the beach, because it was here that our car decided to die. Chris was understandably stressed because there were no other cars around and his wife was being quite the negative nag. So, we were thankful when a lovely older lady, who was on her morning walk, stopped to ask us what was wrong. She then walked back to her son’s house,with whom she was staying, and sent him back to help. God does indeed provide and I was once again attracted to the friendly small town vibe.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the beach, collecting, building and relaxing. I attempted a surf at Bastion but was quickly frozen and lasted only a few minutes. Something I have also learnt about myself on this trip is that as much as I would like to say I enjoy my own company, I don’t. And I don’t like isolation, this includes surfing in isolation.

It has been cold today and the change in temperature between states is noticeable. Tomorrow we move again.

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  1. the pic of inda and her castle is beautiful x