Monday, September 10, 2012

The Mornington Peninsula

The day we left Wilson's Promontory, the air felt like ice. The winds howled and the rain poured. It was what we always thought Victorian weather was going to be like but until now we had had nothing but sunshine. Our first stop was the Visitor's Centre where we were given loads of information and left with a wad of pamphlets to peruse and plan the next five days. It was so cold that we decided to jump in the car and drive. And drive we did. All the way to the end of the Mornington Peninsula.

Sorrento was beautiful. From the multimillion dollar mansions on the cliffs to the best kids playground I have ever seen. An enormous wooden castle with hidey holes and secret passageways only big enough for little bodies. It looked out over the turquoise blue of Sorrento's water and was enticing not only to the kids but the adults too (who were a bit disappointed they didnt fit through the secret tunnels). We decided to eat lunch at Sorrento and wandered into a little Italian restaurant where we were the only customers. The girls were treated to crayons and paper with their lunch and even their choice of TV channel. They were delighted.

We had decided to split the next four days in half. Two days were to be spent in Melbourne City and the other two exploring the coast of the Mornington.
Melbourne City is a happening place. And extremely busy. It was during this time that I was struck by the similarities between Inda and I. Being a grown up and all, I can cope with my claustraphobic emotions that are brought on by crowds and the general hustle and bustle of city life. But it wasnt until Inda had been uncooperative the entire day that I sat her down and asked her what was going on? And in the words of an amazingly verbal four year old she replied, "It's too busy and there are too many people and I dont know them and I dont want them to look at me!" I couldnt have said it better myself.
The problem is, when you strip back the chaos, Melbourne is great. Great shops, great food, great sights to see and so we did our best to explore the city with two little ones in tow. We stopped to get our family picture taken  in the old black and white photo booths outside Flinders St. Station, ate sushi, browsed a few shops and headed home on the train.
Our second day in Melbourne was Father's Day. We had decided to check out a church, recommended to us by a friend, which was situated in the middle of Melbourne City, held in Hoyts Cinemas! City on a Hill was fantastic and very exciting to see church happening right in the centre of the city. We were very comfortable in our cinema leather seating and were grateful for the time out to be recharged and encouraged by God's Word. Post church, we headed for Lygon Street to meet up with school friends Alissha and Reej for lunch. I was put to shame as Lish presented Chris with his only Father's Day present, some AFL and Melbourne merchandise, but thrilled that he actually received a present as I was fairly slack with preparations....
Chris was absolutely exhausted when we arrived home, after navigating a new city by car and still talks about the crazy Victorian road rules.

Exploring the Mornington saw us wander through some great markets, visit the brightly coloured beach boxes from Dromana to Mount Martha and go to the Enchanted Maze and Garden at Arthur's Seat. We spent the whole day in this maze wonderland. There was plenty to do and the girls, particularly Inda, loved it. The highlight for Indie were the tube slides. She had six turns between Chris and I. Red faced and panting she asked for one more after every ride. Chris took Noa for a turn but she screamed the whole way down. Before we left, I took her up for one more turn, trying to conquer the fear. Chris and Inda went on the slide parallel to ours and so about half way down, she realised Inda was next to her and started to enjoy it. But when I asked her if she wanted another turn she replied 'moooo' (no) and shook her hand at me. Ok kiddo, fair enough. Chris loved the mathematical side to the mazes, using his 'left hand' theory through every maze.

The coastal side of the Peninsula, reminded me a bit of home; the busier coastal feel and an hour out of the city, but with a more artistic flair. Next stop... The Great Ocean Road


  1. Just came over from the beetle shack having a sticky at the winner (congrats!) and sticking around to have a read as I grew up on the mornings on peninsula (now in sunny qld). You beautiful pics of mton and the prom and squeaky beach etc has ny attention and yr making me miss the place, something I haven't felt in a long time. Lovely. Enjoy your travels

  2. You need to get to the Beetle Shack asap you lucky girl!!!
    T xx